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Since the 15th century, San Basilio de Palenque, Bolivar, #Colombia is considered the first village of free slaves in America. The #palenqueras preserve the #African traditions brought by the slaves who disembarked on these regions of South America.
The palenqueros live by the norms of the social organization inherited from their African #ancestors: the ma-kuagro, according to which every society is divided into age groups to allow the division of labor, the protection of the territory, and the preservation of traditions based on honesty, solidarity, and a collective spirit. The #Palenque language I the only #creole language in the world based on #Spanish and African elements.

I had the great honor to visit this magical place! Palenqueros are proud of their identity and have an amazing carnaval in October to commemorate their culture and of course the music!


Me again lol 
Since nobody submits I might as well post a picture of myself. Lol ya’ll know I gotta represent for my Panamanians!

amordeconuco said: ranhiaofbrazil is somalian

Well she submitted

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lovejam said: I'm black but not Latina. I'm just scouring the internet for every and any kind of black communities. I've found Afro-Iranian, Afro-European, Afro-Chinese, Chinese-Jamaican and just lots more! Not really a question I'm asking. Only justifying following you. <3

Lol alright girl! Do your thang

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"I’m drowning here, and you’re describing the water"

graffiti on my school bathroom wall (via lo-vedove)

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