Belleza Afro Latina

This blog is solely dedicated to all the beautiful black latinas out there! Submit your photos ladies!

Since nobody submits I might as well post a picture of myself. Lol ya’ll know I gotta represent for my Panamanians!

amordeconuco said: ranhiaofbrazil is somalian

Well she submitted

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lovejam said: I'm black but not Latina. I'm just scouring the internet for every and any kind of black communities. I've found Afro-Iranian, Afro-European, Afro-Chinese, Chinese-Jamaican and just lots more! Not really a question I'm asking. Only justifying following you. <3

Lol alright girl! Do your thang

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"I’m drowning here, and you’re describing the water"

graffiti on my school bathroom wall (via lo-vedove)

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